Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Sreet Parking Vault: Dumbbell Shift "OCHO"
4 Times You Will Complete:
4 Rounds
8 Ring/TRX Rows (or single arm bent over rows - 8 each side)
8 Goblet Squats
Rest 1 Min after each 4 round set.

Idea weight for Men: 35-55# Single KB or DB
Idea weight for Women: 12-25# Single KB or DB

Time: 20:06. 53 lb. Kettlebell, bent over rows

Bike Shuttle, Mouth of Bois Brule at Lake Superior to Highway 13 Canoe Landing
Distance: 7.49 miles
Time: 34:42, 13.0 mph
Elevation Gain: 355 ft.

Kayak from Highway 13 Canoe Landing to Mouth of Bois Brule at Lake Superior
Distance: 8.62 miles
Time: 2:19:34, 3.7 mph

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