Friday, August 14, 2020


Every Other Min for 7 Rounds (14 Min):
5 Heavy Deadlifts
20 Wall Balls

Rounds will only count toward your score if wall balls are unbroken and all work is completed under 1:15.

Suggested weight RANGE:
Men: 155-315#
Women: 105-185#

Ball Weight/Target Height:
Men: 18-22# Ball with ideally a 10' target
Women: 13-15# Ball with ideally a 9' target

Score 1: Weight you use for your deadlifts
Goal: Heavy but unbroken sets of 5 (with good form and technique of course)

Score 2: Total Rounds where you completed all work (deadlifts and wall balls) unbroken and in under 1:15. (0-7)

255 lb. Deadlifts
5 rounds

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