Friday, January 3, 2020


Bullet Point Open Workout 20.1
"It's A Trap"
10 Rounds for time (25 minute Time-cap)
1 Minute of Erg*
9 Dumbbell Thruster (50/35)
20 Double-unders
* Athlete's choice Concept2 Bike Erg, Ski Erg, Rower

1a. Total time to complete, or number of reps + distance completed in the time-cap
1b. Total meters accrued on the erg of choice, if Bike Erg is used divide meters by 2

Scaled: 35 lbs/20 single-unders
Time: 22:45
Distance: 2684m, 1:51.7/500m
Splits: 282+274+271+272+268+267+264+263+261+262

Warm-up 10 minute row: 2340m, 2:08.2/500m
Cool-down 10 minute row: 2253m 2:13.1/500m

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